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I’ve been able to catch up on my blogs today, and wanted to put together some interesting, if topically disparate, posts that I came across:

Web 2.0 applications are coming, going, and denting companies’ reputations. See “Losing Face,” about how British Airways and Virgin Atlantic were dinged by their employee’s posts on Facebook, and then read about how blogging is going (has gone) mainstream in “Oh, Grow Up” from the Economist.

Businessweek‘s Management IQ blog has a post titled “The Gender Pay Gap: Still Alive at the Top, Too” where they quote a recent report saying that women execs make 85% of their male counterparts.

Research from Cornell about the 40-hour workweek was recently released: “Forty Hours Doesn’t Work for Everyone: Examining Employee Preferences for Work Hours”. From the summary:

Current economic conditions have caused many employers to reduce employees’ work hours—a trend that will likely continue if the economy worsens. Yet research on work hours is limited, as most studies in this area have focused on the effects of employees’ working in excess of a 40-hour work week. This report seeks to specifically examine the effect of “hours mismatch,” which is defined as the mismatch between the number of hours the employee desires to work and the actual number of hours worked. Based on a study of 1,032 individuals, the results show that hours mismatch is an important predictor of attitudinal outcomes, including life satisfaction, work-family conflict, job stress, and intent to turn over.

In other news, we have a new president! Merchandise, sporting Obama’s portrait, has been big business, but apparently a nanoscale portrait of our 44th president has been created as well. If you want to learn more about what’s going on during the presidential transition, then go to change.gov, the first-ever American presidential transition website. If you’d like a little sordid history about the 2008 Presidential Campaign, head over to Newsweek, where they’re doing a seven-part series on “Secrets of the 2008 Campaign”. Read all about how both McCain and Obama’s computer networks were hacked, and what you get for a $150,000 shopping spree.


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If you haven’t seen this already (it’s from August 2007), then now’s the time to check out Forbes Magazine’s wonderful report on The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women, available here.

I came across this while looking at the other lists that Forbes has online, which I was browsing thanks to April Dubrow, student worker in the SOM Library.  April forwarded me another of their list, the Forbes Fictional 15, a list lampooning Forbes’ compilation lists.  The Fictional 15 is a compilation of the top fictitious characters.  Check it out here, as well as their list of 25 Largest Fictional Companies, available here.

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Today marks the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.  While America still faces many challenges to Martin’s dream, we can work together to make this dream a reality.  Please follow this link to the Internet Archive to hear the streaming audio of MLK, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, given in Washington, D. C. on August 28, 1963.

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The Zimbabwe Civic Action Support Group, a group that has been promoting democracy in Zimbabwe and tracking the Zimbabwean election fallout, has an amazing website documenting current events in Zimbabwe.  The documentation includes photos and a magazine, the Zimbabwe Election Watch.  What really is catching most people’s eyes, however, is this interactive map that combines news about the post-election atrocities with Google Maps for a striking visual experience of the current troubles in Zimbabwe.

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