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The cover story from the latest edition of Newsweek, “From Seneca Falls to . . . Sarah Palin?”, is an interesting and insightful piece on whether or not women voters will be swayed by McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his VP candidate.  Since there’s been so much talk about it recently, especially on the campus, I thought I’d offer this up since it’s been one of the more well-written and thought-out pieces I’ve come across.


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Monday’s Financial Times (UK version) has an article, “An MBA with the Glass Ceiling in its Sights”, highlighting the Simmons School of Management program. The article discusses the program’s focus on women in business, as well as the charge that such a program does not prepare women for the business world at large–where women may very well be the minority gender. The story of a recent SOM graduate dispels that notion:

Cheryl Fudge, a recent graduate of Simmons, admits she had those very same reservations about attending the school. “I worked in a male-dominated industry and I was concerned it would hold me back. I thought that in order to play in the man’s world, I needed to go to school with them,” says Ms Fudge who carries out technology consulting for Deloitte.

What changed her mind was a course on negotiation. In it, she learned that “the biggest mistake that women make is that they don’t ask”.

“They don’t ask for that raise, or that promotion, or those additional resources. They hope to be recognised,” she says.

After class that night Ms Fudge went home and put together a business case which she presented to her supervisor requesting her company pay for tuition at Simmons for the final semesters. Her boss approved the expense the next day.

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Stop by the circulation desk at the library and see our featured item of the week, a thought-provoking op-ed from the Globe Magazine on unlimited vacation policies.  I promise it’s a quick read that’s well worth it!  (and if you don’t have time to stop by the library, you could always read it online)

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Come down to the library and take a look at The Harvard Business Review’s special Centennial Issue. Read about new models of employee motivation, investing in the Long Tail, and customer-centric innovations in India.

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