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Green trends and sustainable practices are the talk of everyone in business–well, almost everyone until now. Deloitte reports that companies involved in Mergers & Acquisitions haven’t been paying much attention to them. Read their report, “How Green Is the Deal? The Growing Role of Sustainability in M&A”. From the press release:

The “greening” of products and business operations has become a central theme in virtually every industry. In today’s environment, companies that have strong corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR&S) programs in place are likely to be rewarded for their efforts. As CR&S wields growing influence on the strategy and operations of a company, so too will it become an increasingly important aspect of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

In this paper, we provide an outline of six key areas of focus for executives, and discuss how greater consideration of sustainability related issues, when evaluating potential M&A transactions, can help to improve deal success.


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Businessweek has an interesting article on the recent sale of Reuters Group to Thomson, two media companies that respectively rank second and third in the financial information industry (with Bloomberg in first). This is big news for financial companies, who get much of their information from either one or both of these companies. While the newly-formed company, Thomson Reuters, will be giving Bloomberg a run for its money because of the pure size of the information they have access to, there are interesting intersections between the information they contain that may give their service a greater edge.

The librarian in me couldn’t help but post this article because their CEO, Thomas Glocer, states that the 21st century will be dominated by “information majors.” And the drums of a knowledge-based economy keep up their steady beat . . . .

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